Pre-Pay Phones – The Best Payg Offer!

The pay as you go phones are the favourite of many mobile phone users in the UK. So much so that, as on date, half of the mobile phone uses are using a Payg phone only. These users find the deadly combination of one time payment that gets you both the new smartphone handset of your choice as well as the network connection all backed by extremely low prices that allow even for some easy priced overseas calls to specific destinations simply irresistible.

For the mobile phone customers here, the pay as you go mobile phone deals are the best possible and the most lucrative of pre-paid plans anywhere. No wonder then that, whether it is the latest Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2, S2 or the Apple iPhone 5, 4S or the HTC One X, X+ or for that matter the currently best selling Samsung Galaxy S3, or the Sony Xperia Series all are being sold as pay as you go mobile phone handsets prominently.

The network service providers operating here – O2, Orange, Three Mobile, T-Mobile, Talk-Mobile, Vodafone, and Virgin Mobile – all have floated in various pay as you go mobile phone offers for a vast number of mobile phones. They were able to price the payG handsets lucratively as they were receiving the subsidy from the Government for the termination of a connection.

But unfortunately this facility has been removed and no more or the network service carriers able to price their pay as you go plans accordingly.

Recently, a report that appeared on the BBC revealed that most of the basic pay as you go phone offers have seen a hike in the prices to a good 25 per cent.

Again, this may be a passing phase, and things will improve for the pay as you go phone deals. But for now, customers who are used to using Payg handsets will need to be prepared to shell out more money for them.

Though this much is certain. Those who are used to availing the attractive features attached to using a pay as you go mobile phone will not that easily budge from their choice. All the same, it will be nice if Ofcom intervenes and does something to remedy the situation at least somewhat, if not wholly.