HTC Windows 8S – True Value For Money

Taking a step off the league of phones and machinery, this HTC presentation to you is unparalleled and sought after. HTC Windows 8S is a Pandora’s box of entertainment and enjoyment. Its uniqueness setting it apart from the ocean of all smartphones, its vibrancy and the two-tone colour scheme are certainly manifested. Matching, merging and melding with your work and play, this handset simply blows you away with its features.

HTC Windows 8S is mostly eclipsed by the 4 inch screen that displays cartoony LiveTiles that are personified by your very fingertips. The handset operates on 1 GHz dual-core processor and packed with a 512 RAM with a total storage of 4 GB. HTC have experimented with Windows phones for a while now and have mostly held the monopoly there, and with the launch of HTC Windows 8S, HTC has set its ground as a windows phones player. Exclusive Beats audio built-in lives up to its repo and name in authenticity of sound, engaging you thoroughly, be it pulse pounding bass or the soothing rhythms of Yanni.

Another astounding feature of the Windows 8S is its 7GB SkyDrive that allows you to travel with your files and data and all the information you may need along with you in your pocket. As though out of a bucket of paints, Windows 8S comes along with ‘kids corner’ which makes sure your phone remains safe in the hands of any child and protects all your important files and data by keeping it hidden. With social network integration as its strongest point, HTC Windows 8S is a value packed joyride.