Google Nexus 4 – Amazing Smartphone, Amazing Contracts!

The Google Nexus 4, manufactured by LG is probably the most amazing smartphone out yet. Its spec sheet rivals that of the iPhone 5 and its price will drop your jaw to the floor! And even if you are unable to afford it yet, do not worry because the deals out there will make sure you have this phone at a very comfortable monthly payment.

It is without a doubt the company’s most advance and most popular smartphone till date and was sold out within hours after its launch. It is still sold out at the Google Play store. However, on contract, it’s pretty easy to own this beauty.

On Orange, it is available with 100 free minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB data usage at £18.79/Month. The same offer with O2 is available at £21.50/Month. On Orange with 400 min and 250MB data usage, the phone can be yours at £20.58/Month. On T-mobile, you can avail the same offer at the same price! And a slight modification can be made for 500 minutes and unlimited data usage too at the same price!

Many other such offers are available with these same service providers under different conditions and varying prices. For those smartphone lovers out there who love there Android to be unmodified, and powerful, the Google Nexus 4 is the ultimate device at present and if your pocket doesn’t allow you to own it by paying in one go, get it on contract and avail all the amazing offers that come with it!