HTC One Silver Gets Innovative & Smarter!

Having latest and innovative smart phone is desire of each one of us. There are plenty of latest smart devices available in the market. Among many one such device is HTC One Silver. This adorable and unique device offers best design and plenty of meticulously design apps that are not found in any of the device. The Android phone running on 4.1 version is fast and smooth in its operation.

Let’s take a peek into few of them

HTC BlinkFeed – Get all the latest updates from your friends and world in your phone. All the feed and news are directed to your phone from various sources like calendar, music, photos and friends. It has around 1,000 global partners that keep you up dated all the year round.

HTC BoomSound – Listen to high quality sound and music in your phone with dual front speakers that combine with Beats audio tuning.

HTC Zoe – Love to capture memories. Well this latest feature makes it even simpler. Once you click the capture button automatically 20 photos are taken together with 30 seconds of videos which is simply incredible to look at. With time scrubbing you can remember the exact moment.

Sense TV – With this it is simpler and easy to control TV with in- built infrared transmitter that gives visual channel guide to the users.

Getting HTC One Silver is easy and fast through assorted mobile deals available in the market. These are Contract deals that are given with leading networks of UK.


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  1. HTC is a well known brand for mobile phones, unlike Apple and Samsung, they don’t easily release new products. that’s why the value of their phones do not decrease.

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