Samsung Galaxy S4 better than future handsets!

After the super success of Galaxy S3 everything in the mobile market was waiting for the mind-blowing offering from the South Korean based company. And with Samsung Galaxy S4, it has proved that there is nothing which can beat the same in smart phone mobile technology. The design and looks of the phone are at par or say better than the superior quality and much demanded iPhone 5 which has recently reached the market.

Like all the Galaxy range of smart phone this new device also comes with Android software and here sweep all the mobile companies off their feet. There is much enhanced software in the company that takes away much from its competitors.

Let’s take a look at some of its unique features.

Eye tracking technology
The latest technology present in the phone is eye tracking technology that is different from the rest of devices available in the market. Then there is smart stay also enable din the phone through the screen does not turn off until you are watching it. And even if you move your eyes away from it, it will pause the feature that you were watching and will resume it from the same place.

Besides, there is addition of smart scroll as well which allows users to move up and down the screen while browsing the web without using their fingers. The screen automatically identifies the movement of your eyes and hence moves the screen accordingly.

Superb Gesture control
Now you don t have to touch each and every content to want to see. The AirView make it simpler by easily understanding your gesture and zoom in the mails Planner and videos without even clicking. Now with your hand you can control music playback, navigate up and down and also take on the incoming call.

Love Voice Control
So, you want to click a image. Just order your phone to do the same for you. Just give voice command and your phone will capture outstanding picture within built S voice Drive.

Dual Shot Camera
Capture best looking pictures with your snapper of 13MP supported with LED Flash. With this there is no dull moment in your life. The dual shot camera also gives you power to click picture with both front and back camera at the same time. You can take the picture of the group and yours and then club the two together with ease.

There is dual video call enabled in the phone through which you can not only carry out video call but also show the other person hat are you looking at. Through Drama Shot one can capture around 100 photos in just 4 seconds.

Checkout Display
There is superb and outstanding display of 5 inches with amazing resolution enabled in the phone. With Super AMOLED display there is nothing to beat the colors and images of the phone.

The list of exciting and innovative features of Samsung Galaxy S4 goes on. To get better hold of the device you will have buy it for yourself!