Xperia E – Experience Enthralling Handset!

After Samsung, it seems that Sony phones are going to be next big thing. The latest Xperia series of smart phones have gained mass popularity in the mobile market. The company has also released large number of device ranging from high end smart phones like Xperia Z to mid range handset like Xperia U. another addition to the list is Xperia E.

This is also a well designed and highly functional phone that comes with features that are useful for the buyers. There is no presence of the features that are not at all used by the buyers. The design of the phone is such that it can easily be compared with the likes of high end Xperia smart phones. There is voice call functionality in the phone that gives loud and clear sound with active voice cancellation.

Being mid range, it is surely going to the first choice of the buyers who want best handset within their pocket. It comes with android 4.1 Jelly bean which is best in the industry to run all your applications and operations without any issues. Capture decent looking pictures with snapper of 3.2Mp fitted at the back to collect your memories. The snapper supports
autofocus and is a capable of recording the videos.

While you can find smart phone s running with dual core processor, but Xperia E runs smooth with 1GHz QUALCOMM Snapdragon processor.

This fully featured phone is available in the market with assorted mobile phone deals. These gives you best offer along with the device.